Kevin Loo's graduation

University of Wollongong, Australia, 16th December 2015

Dr Kevin Jia-Jin Loo (ARDENT ESR8) received his PhD at the Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences ceremony at the University of Wollongong on Wednesday 16th December 2015. His study consists of an in-body imaging system to improve prostate cancer radiation treatment accuracy and outcomes.

Get the local newspaper article as PDF

You can see the article online here : "PhD graduate Dr Kevin Jian-Jin Loo has been working to improve radiation therapies for cancer sufferers"

Outreach at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)

California, USA, 17th July 2015

Alvin Sashala Naik (ARDENT ESR13) gave a presentation at the Bay Area Neutron Group (BANG) from the UC Berkeley. The audience comprised of a few undergraduate students, graduate students and researchers from Lawrence Berkeley National laboratory and UC Berkeley.

Download Alvin's presentation : "Overview of the ARDENT European project" Get as pdf

Visiting High Schools

Wollongong, Australia, June 2015

ARDENT scientist-in-charge Marco Silari was invited by Prof. Anatoly Rosenfeld, Director of the Centre for Medical Radiation Physics (CMRP) of the University of Wollongong to spend two weeks at CMRP. During his stay he visited three high-schools in Wollongong: the Smiths Hill High School, the Keira High and the Edmund Rice College. During these visits Prof. Rosenfeld described the activities of CMRP to attract high-school students to choose medical physics as university study and as their future profession and Dr. Silari delivered talks on CERN and ARDENT.

Dr. Marco Silari and students from Smiths Hill High School

Group picture with Prof. Anatoly Rosenfeld, Dr. Marco Silari and students from Smiths Hill High School

Dr. Marco Silari and students from Keira High School

Outreach for an Italian High School

Mestre Venezia, Italy, 8th January 2015

Francesca Bisello (ARDENT ESR10) was invited to give a talk to high school students of "Licei Stefanini", Mestre-Venezia, Italy. The presentation was part of educational guidance activities to help students in the choice after the high school.

In the talk the ARDENT project and Marie Curie Actions have been presented. In addition, some applications of physics in medicine were explained in order to answer the question how radiations can be used in cancer treatments and in diagnostics.

Download Francesca's presentation : "Physics in Medecine: Research and Applications" Get as pdf

Outreach for a UK school

17 November 2014

On Monday 17/11 a group of students from the Simon Langton school in the UK visited CERN and the Medipix group.

In addition to lectures on analog and digital design the students also were given a demonstration of the Timepix chip. From Ardent Erik Frojdh participated in the demonstration.

Outreach to rural high school students

20 August 2014

Chris Cassell (ARDENT ESR15) was invited to give a talk to high school students from Parkes and Dubbo in rural New South Wales, Australia, as part of the Xsel program (a virtual selective high school program: The talk was a short lecture on basic atomic and radiation physics followed by a short talk on his experiences as a researcher and a question session. This was presented over a virtual conference system link from Milan to Dubbo.

See Students touch base with world class scientist-he's a Parkes boy!

Download Chris Cassel's presentation in Dubbo Get as pdf

ARDENT at the CERN 60th anniversary

CERN, 24th May 2014

The 60th anniversary of CERN together with the 2 years' shutdown of the LHC gave another opportunity for the public to enjoy the view of the big experiments lying 100 m underground. CERN scientists opened their world made of detectors and particles and were happy to explain physics and how research can influence our life.

During this event, the ARDENT's ESRs Silvia Puddu, Eleni Aza, Stuart George, Erik Frojd (CERN), Alvin Sashala Naik (MI.AM, Italy) and Ivan Caicedo (CTU, Czech Republic) prepared a very successful stand at CERN point 5, the CMS (Compact Muon Solenoid experiment) headquarters. Due to the variety of native speakers available they were able to give presentation in French, English, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Greek, which allowed them to share the concepts in a more direct way with visitors from other Member States of the EU and other foreign countries. By using two Timepix detectors, the ESRs showed the types of radiation coming from several natural radioactive sources and cosmic rays from space by showing the particles recorded by the detectors on 2 screens. A few posters from CERN RP group were also very helpful to explain the basics of radiation protection and dosimetry to people of all ages which came to this public event.

Alvin's video link:

ARDENT ESRs explaining physics and radiation protection to some thirst for knowledge visitors of CERN's 60th anniversary.

ARDENT stand for the International School Workshop of Radiation Protection

CERN, 31st March 2014

Since 2008, French and foreign schools attend workshops in radiation protection, led by professors of these schools in partnership with radiation protection experts, academics and researchers in scientific disciplines. These workshops are designed to engage students in multidisciplinary activities about radiation protection issues and present their work in international meetings held once per year. Between 100 and 150 students of fifteen French and foreign schools are involved in these workshops, in which they are able to interact with other students and radiation protection experts.

This year it was hosted by CERN and ARDENT ESRs Eleni Aza, Silvia Puddu, and Erik Frojd participated in the workshop with a Medipix stand. Students were introduced in the main principles of radiation protection and a live demonstration with radioactive sources took place. The event was embraced with great enthusiasm by both students and organizers.

You can download the program here (ARDENT stand was on Monday 31st March at 14:30 pm): Get as pdf

To view the CERN Bulletin article click here

ESR3 Silvia Puddu talking to the students

ARDENT video documentary

January 2014

This documentary presents the ARDENT Marie-Curie project. It was prepared as part of ARDENT outreach program.

To view the ARDENT Video Documentary Play

Outreach at University of Ontario

Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, 27th Nov. 2013

ESR6 Andrej Sipaj gave his first ARDENT outreach presentation at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology to the PhD and Master students of nuclear engineering faculty. The presentation was very successful; students showed a great interest in various detectors used within ARDENT. In addition, the school was interested in buying the educational Medipix toolkit produced by Jablotron.

Andrej's presentation:The ARDENT project and the detectors used within the Group Get as pdf

Marie Curie Actions: On The Last Lap To Horizon 2020

Florence, Italy, 26th - 27th Nov. 2013

ESR8 Kevin Loo was invited as a speaker to participate in the annual European Commission conference as a recipient of an EC-supported grant. His talk was a 12 minute slot in the parallel session 'Life Sciences and Neurosciences - Health, demographic change and wellbeing, robotics and biorobotics' as part of a group of talks addressing societal challenges. Approximately 100 people were in attendance with some people expressing interest in his research and contacts made around Europe.

Outreach at Suro, Prague

20th November 2013

SURO is the National Radiation Protection Institute in Prague. They specialise in environmental radiation monitoring, radon detection, emergency response and dosimetry and have ongoing collaborations with the IEAP. ESR8 Kevin Loo was invited by their research director Jiri Hulka to present a 25 minute seminar on his PhD work in prostate cancer treatment. Approximately 25 people were in attendance including some health and industry professionals.

Visiting Indian universities

India, November 2013

ESR12 Vijayaragavan Viswanathan visited several universities during the month of November 2013. The motive of this outreach activity was: to introduce ARDENT project, its activities and give due importance to his role as researcher; and to motivate students especially women students towards research.

During this visit he addressed students from the following universities:

  1. SRM University, Chennai on 4/11/2013

  2. University of Delhi, Delhi on 06/11/2013

  3. Amrita University, Coimbatore on 08/11/2013

  4. PSG college of technology, Coimbatore on 12/11/2013

  5. Info Engineering College, Coimbatore on 13/11/2013

Also, during his visit to India, ESR Vijayaragavan Viswanathan was interviewed by a leading educational magazine - Puthiyathalaimurai - Kalvi malar (Translation: New generation - Educational magazine).

This interview was mainly on his role in research and on ARDENT project. It emphasised the advantages and role of higher education for students. It also gave lot of insights into scholarship opportunities for talented students to avail them.

This article is published in the "Tamil" regional language. Get as pdf

Outreach at Omodeo High School, Mortara, Italy

23rd November 2013

In November 2013, ARDENT ESRs Eleni Sagia, Alvin Sashala Naik and Chris Cassell went to the Omodeo High School in Mortara, Italy, to give an overview on radiation physics to the high school students. Each ESR gave a presentation:

  1. Chris' presentation:Introduction to radioactive decay Get as pdf

  2. Eleni's presentation:The effects of radon on human health Get as pdf

  3. Alvin's presentation:CR-39 for measuring exposure to radon (222Rn) Get as pdf

The local newspaper of Mortara wrote two articles about this event (in Italian):

  1. Informatore Lomellino 6 Nov. 2013 Get as pdf

  2. Informatore Lomellino 23 Nov. 2013 Get as pdf


Seoul, South Korea, 29-31 October 2013

ESR Vijayaragavan Viswanathan participated in the industrial exhibition during the IEEE-NSS 2013 conference in Seoul. During this activity he presented his role in the ARDENT project. He actively participated in the presentation of the Medipix based educational tool.

2nd Annual Workshop

Milano, 14-18 October 2013

An outreach event took place at Politecnico di Milano during the 2nd Annual ARDENT Workshop. The young researchers of the ARDENT project explained their studies about the development of new detectors, i.e. radiation measurement instruments, which are made to improve patients' treatments and to reduce the risks to the health of astronauts in space missions. In the meantime the general public could visit the exhibition area, where the detectors developed during the project were shown.

Download Outreach flyer: Get as pdf

Open days at CERN

Geneva, 28-29 September 2013

During CERN Open Days inviting the general public on its site, ESRs presented ARDENT project and work instruments.

Origins 2013 and

Researchers' Night 2013

CERN, Geneva,

27th September 2013

Origins 2013 & Scientific speed-dating - Face to face meeting with people who booked a date with ESRs, in order to meet young researchers at CERN and ask questions.

The European Researchers' Night is a Marie Curie Action, which takes place all over Europe on the same evening. At CERN, one of the major themes of the Researchers' Night was "Physics is useful", and an exhibition was organised on applications of HEP technologies, including hadron therapy.

Outreach at Kirrawee High School

Sydney, Australia,

2nd September 2013

ESR kevin Loo spoke to a Year 11 physics high school class in south Sydney about his work in medical physics and explained some basic imaging modalities. As part of the curriculum, high school students have the option to study an elective in Year 12 physics and medical physics is one such topic. This was hosted by Mr Pete Reeve, the physics teacher at Kirrawee High.

'Speed Date With A Physicist'

Centre for Medical Radiation Physics, University of Wollongong,

30th August 2013

Groups of Year 11 high school students from around the region participated in rounds of discussion with medical physics students at UOW and research fellows. ESR kevin Loo gave a 10-15 minute presentation about his experience in research and used it as a platform to promote medical physics as a degree and career path for those interested in pursuing science and research. Five groups of 15 or so students were part of this school outreach program.


Prague, 29 August 2013

ESR Vijayaragavan Viswanthan visited the Czech Metrological Institute and introduced the role of ARDENT and the device under development. This institute specializes in regulation and certification of radiation detectors.

Heraeus radiation school

Bad Honnef, 11-23 August 2013

ESR Vijayaragavan Viswanathan took part in the WE-Heraeus radiation protection school and introduced the project to the scientific community which included students, professors, researchers from radiation field from all around the world.


Prague, 5-9 August 2013

ESR Vijayaragavan Viswanathan at the ICPE-EPEC conference which was attended by more than 300 physics teachers from high schools, universities and various educational organizations in Prague.

European researchers career and mobility conference

14th-15th May 2013

ESR Vijayaragavan Viswanathan attended the European researchers career and mobility conference, Dublin, Ireland organized by the Irish presidency & EU. This conference was organized to discuss about researchers, funding, mobility, retaining knowledge and their role in Horizon2020. He had an opportunity to meet and listen to Mr.Sean Sherlock, Minister of research and innovation, Mme. Maire Geoghegan- Quinn,EU Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science and Mme. Alessandra Luchetti, Marie Curie Unit, European Commission Directorate General for Education and Culture.

He won the bursary competition competed from people around the world to attend this conference and was selected one among 15 in this competition. He was funded completely (stay, travel etc) to attend this conference. He also participated one among 8 to be part of "elevator pitch".

ARDENT for Dummies

May 2013

In May 2013, ESR Silvia Puddu has done the seminar "ARDENT for Dummies", in three schools of her city (Cagliari, Sardinia-Italy), for the students of 4th and 5th years: the two branches of "Istituto Tecnico e Liceo Scientifico delle Scienze Applicate M. Giua" and the "Liceo Scientifico L. B. Alberti". The presentation was focused on the ARDENT project, with an introduction to radiation and dosimetry.

Download presentation: Get as pdf

Mid Term Talk

22nd May 2013

ESR Erik Fröjdh visited his home institute Mid Sweden University to give an overview talk of the Medipix family of chips and highlight some applications. The talk was given as a part of the PhD programme in Sundsvall.

You can download the presentation Get as PowerPoint Get as pdf

Australian Rotary Club (Parramatta City Chapter, NSW, Australia)

15th April 2013

Kevin Loo PhD research is supported by an Australian National Health and Medical Reseach Council Grant (NHMRC) and through the Australian Rotary Health Foundation. The Rotary Club is a group of community-minded individuals who do charity work and raise awareness on social issues such as mental health and polio eradication. The Parramatta City club specifically supported Kevin Loo research financially and they invited him to speak at their lunch meeting as one of their scholars.

Kevin has presented at a number of Rotary-related functions, ranging from attendance of 20 up to 500. At this particular talk, he was able to promote the work of ARDENT and CERN and also to update them on his PhD research as it nears its completion. Prostate cancer is the number one cancer in Australian men, and so the interest is always high at his presentations. The Rotary members were happy to see the ongoing work bear positive results. This is an ongoing relationship with the foundation and future talks are anticipated.

Meeting with EU Commissioner

15th April 2013

ESRs Stuart George, Silvia Puddu and Eleni Aza presented a poster on the Ardent ITN and its activities at CERN to EU comissioner Androulla Vassiliou.

Download poster: Get as pdf

Outreach in Sheffield, UK

15th April 2013

In March 2013 ESR Stuart George travelled to his home university in Sheffield, UK to take part in an Annual outreach event held in the Sheffield Winter Gardens.

He ran six sessions on "Hot, Cold and Liquid Nitrogen".


Talk to Illawarra Christian School (Cordeaux Campus, NSW, Australia)

9th April 2013

ESR Kevin Loo was invited to speak to the senior high (year 12) physics class and to discuss his activities and PhD research in medical physics. He was able to explain his career path and how his interest in physics has led him to working in a field that directly helps people affected by cancer.

Furthermore, he was also able to promote the work of CERN and specifically the ARDENT project in allowing young researchers like himself to experience the research life. The students were very interested and he fielded questions about what his work was like and how they could possibly follow similar university degrees and research work.

Amsterdam Scientific Instruments

13th March 2013

ESR Vijayaragavan Viswanathan gave a market research presentation to Amsterdam Scientific Instruments to develop cooperation and identify key application areas meeting market requirements

Download presentation: Get as pdf

Czech Foreign Ministry

23rd September 2012

The ARDENT partner Jablotron made an presentation about ARDENT and their collaboration with CERN at the Czech Foreign Ministry 23 September.

Download presentation: Get as pdf

ARDENT outreach

ARDENT will place outreach at the centre of its activities through a sustained educational dialogue which will not only promote its work, but also provide an invaluable opportunity for its researchers to rediscover their own research from the fresh perspective of the non-specialist. It is vital to increase public awareness of science and to transmit to schoolchildren and students the excitement of careers in scientific research and development. ARDENT's outreach activities will begin on day one of the project.

A multifaceted set of outreach activities is foreseen in order to engage with the general public and young people in particular. Below is a non-exhaustive list of activities aiming at raising the profile of science and strengthening links to society:

  • web-site with general information about the project and its results. This web-site will also include general and historic content of radiation dosimetry. This is a good starting point for all ESRs as well as the more general public to enter the field of dosimetry and to be able to classify their later work in relation to the overall "world of dosimetry applications"
  • preparation and distribution of project brochures and flyers at public events (for example, at Open Days held at the some of the partners, such as the CERN Open Day and the Open day for High-School students which is held every year at POLIMI)
  • documentary of project achievements with video interviews with the ESRs made available via internet web-casts (all partners)
  • participation of the Fellows in ESOF 2012 (EuroScience Open Forum in Dublin) with posters and presentations
  • participation in "Researchers' Nights" events
  • preparation and submission of articles to non-scientific journals and newspapers
  • engagement with local media (TV and radio)
  • articles for the CERN Weekly Bulletin and CERN Courier, and similar journals of the other ITN partners
  • training tool based on Medipix ( for practical experiments in nuclear physics lectures being delivered at universities and high schools
  • participation in the major QuarkNet outreach program in the U.S., which also coordinates the distribution of sea-level cosmic ray detectors to U.S. high schools.
  • organisation of visits to CERN for schoolboys and schoolgirls from the local area
  • organisations of seminars at universities and schools (e.g. which the recruited ESRs attended) with young students and pupils in order to encourage them to embark on careers in science and technology
  • involvement of high-school students into scientific program of reconstruction of high-energy cosmic shower run by Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague
  • organisation of international summer school of nuclear science for university students by CTU in Prague
  • the Politecnico of Milano will celebrate its 150 years of activity in 2013. This anniversary foresees the organization of workshops, conferences and meetings. A presentation of the activities of the ARDENT ITN project will be part of this event.

Recently Marie Curie Fellows working at institutions throughout Europe initiated and organized a very successful, high-profile poster session for the CERN governing bodies, namely the Scientific Policy Committee (SPC), the Finance Committee, the European Strategy Forum and the CERN Council. CERN has 20 Member States, thus delegates from 20 European countries attend these meetings (and more with the delegates attending the SPC). The Chairs of these committees were enthusiastic supporters of this initiative and are in favour of this event being repeated annually or bi-annually.

With this broad programme, ARDENT will reach out to the general public, to schoolchildren and university students, to teachers, and to senior administrators and managers representing scientific funding agencies. Depending on the target group, the impact of the above actions should be to increase public awareness, raise the profile of science, attract schoolchildren into careers in science and inspire university students to considering careers in research. The actions will also provide an excellent opportunity to justify and account for the public funds required for research activities, and to demonstrate to the managers from the funding agencies that their support is a good investment for the benefit of European society.