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Silvia Puddu

Institute/organization: CERN

Working field: Dosimetry & Radioprotection

ESR number: 3

Nationality: Italian

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  • 2012 Bern University (LHEP group): start of the PhD
  • 2009 Università degli studi di Cagliari: Master degree in Nuclear and Particle Physics, with thesis: Sviluppo di sistemi diagnostici per plasmi nucleari accesi - Development of diagnostic systems for burning plasmas
  • 2009 INFN-LNF & ENEA Research Centre: Performance of a GEM (Gas Electron Multipliers) detectors for neutron and burning plasma diagnostic
  • 2006 Università degli Studi di Cagliari: Bachelor degree in General Physics, with thesis: Sviluppo di un sistema portatile di test per le camere multifilo dell'esperimento ALICE - Development of a portable system for test on Multiwire proportional chambers of ALICE experiment

Current work

I am investigating the applications of GEM detectors in neutron detection and dosimetry, radioactive waste for Fe55 detection and beam monitoring. I have taken part in experiment as CERF and n_TOf at CERN

Participations in meetings, conferences, etc


  • G. Claps, G. Croci, F. Murtas, A. Pietropaolo, S. Puddu , C. T. Severino, M. Silari, "Performance Test of a Triple GEM Detector at CERN n_TOF Facility", to be pubished in conference proceeding IEEE-NSS Anaheim 29 Oct - 3 Nov 2012: ARDENT-CONF-2012-001.
  • O. Sauter, B.P. Duval, L. Federspiel, F. Felici, T.P. Goodman A. Karpushov, S. Puddu, J. Rossel and TCV team, "Effects of ECH/ECCD on tearing modes in TCV and link to rotation profile", EPFL-CONF-153089(2010).
  • B. Esposito, F. Murtas, R.Villari, M. Angelone, D. Marocco, P. Pillon and S. Puddu, "Design of a GEM-based detector for the measurement of fast neutrons", Nuclear Instruments and Methods, doi :10.16/j.nima.2009.06.101(2009) .

Courses and training

  • 12-2011 FLUKA beginner course
  • 2-2012 AXEL-CERN course, Introduction to particles accelerators
  • 3-2012 Accelerators and Gantries - PARTNER. Applications for medical devices
  • 9-2012 FLUKA Advanced Course
  • 10-2012 Training on GEM detectors
  • 10-2012 Labview For beginner
  • 10-2012 Radiation detection and measurements


IEEE Student member.

Spoken languages: Italian, English, French

Private area

My interests

Reading books, yoga, scuba diving, travelling.