Ms Linh Tran (UOW), ARDENT training beneficiary, wins 2014 AIP/Royal Society of NSW Jak Kelly Award.

University of Wollongong, Western Australia,

November 2014.

ARDENT sponsored the winner of the special prestigious award of the Australian Institute of Physics (AIP) for SOI Silicon Microdosimetry with semi-3D sensitive volumes,  Ms Linh Tran (UOW).

Extract from NPSS News Letter - information about AIP award.

The NSW Australian Institute of Physics (AIP) Branch in conjunction with the Royal Society of NSW held its Annual Postgraduate Awards Day on Tuesday 18 November 2014, where PhD students representing each School of Physics from NSW Universities competed for AIP Postgraduate Award. Students were asked to prepare a 20-minute presentation on their postgraduate research in Physics and the presentation was judged on (1) content and scientific quality, (2) clarity and (3) presentation skills.

UOW PhD student Linh Tran was awarded with prestigious Jak Kelly Prize and $500 cash for excellence in research on “Silicon Detectors for Microdosimetry in Heavy Ion Therapy”.
Congratulations to Linh and her mentors from UOW-Physics-CMRP (Prof Anatoly Rosenfeld, Dr Marco Petasecca, Dr Susanna Guatelli, A/Prof Michael Lerch) and ANSTO (Dr Dale Prokopovich and Dr Mark Reinhard). Her success is recognition of UOW long term collaboration with ANSTO on important projects. This is only the second time a postgraduate student from Wollongong University has been awarded this very prestigious and extremely competitive award.

Linh Tran, Prize Winner

Professor Anatoly Rozenfield and Dr Michael Lerch with Ms Linh Tran (UOW) 2014 AIP/Royal Society of NSW Jak Kelly Award winner

Linh Tran, Prize Winner

The check was handed to Linh by the wife of late Professor Jak Kelly at a special award ceremony at Royal Society NSW.

Ms Linh Tran, together with Jeremy Davis (UOW), also got an award for Diamond microdosimetry at IEEE NSREC, July, Paris.

Linh’s training has been partly supported by ARDENT, a Marie Curie Initial Training Network funded by the European Commission 7th Framework Programme, Grant Agreement 289198.

African School of Physics

ASP 2014


As part of the ARDENT sponsoring of ASP2014 - the third edition after 2010 and 2012 of the African School of Physics - ARDENT scientist-in-charge Marco Silari delivered 4 hours of lecture in August (see program).

Given the high quality of the school, ARDENT had decided to support the School again in 2014 with a contribution of 3000 Euros.

The ARDENT and Marie Curie logos appear on the School poster.

Get the link to the ASP2014 website .

BioQuaRT Collaboration

BioQuaRT, an EU-funded project, shares some scientific goals with ARDENT. The two projects are in contact for potential synergies and scientific collaboration.

African School of Physics

ASP 2012

ARDENT has sponsored the participation of two African students in the African School of Physics 2012, with a contribution of 4000 Euros. The ARDENT and Marie Curie logos appear on the School website and poster.

This is the second edition of the School (the first was in 2010). The quality of the school, the organization and the student participation at the first edition were very high. ARDENT has decided to support this training initiative.

Read the articles on the CERN Courier (scroll down to the bottom of the page) and the CERN Weekly Bulletin and watch the video.

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