ARDENT Workshop in Prague

Attending the final Ardent Workshop in Prague. This time hosted by IEAP/CTU. Looking forward to nice talks!


30th February

Talking at IRA

Invited to IRA in Lausanne to give a talk about hybrid pixel detector and their application in radio protection

Test Beam


Ar ions at SPS

Helping out at the SPS with Timepix3 tests using Ar ions!

Test Beam


Neutron time of flight at LANCSE

Together with researchers from IEAP I attended a test beam at the LANCSE facility. A study of neutron silicon interactions was performed and we are now looking at the data.

Test Beam


Dosepix at the ANKA synchrotron

More experiments! This time a full week of test at the ANKA synchrotron in Karlsruhe. The aim is to study the count rate performance of the Dosepix chip using monochromatic radiation



Secondment at IEAP

Two weeks in Prague to work on the Timepix3. We are preparing the detector for the upcoming test beam at LANSCE



Ardent Workshop

Attending the Ardent Workshop, this year hosted by IBA. Nice to get an update on the other ESRs work!



Articel published in JINST

The results on the high count rate performance of the Medipix chip presented at iWoRID in Paris is now published in JINST and available online.



RQR measurements with Dosepix, IRA, Lausanne

Measurements of spectra and flux of medical reference beams. Collaboration with IRA, Lausanne. Results are planned to be presented at the IRPA conference later this year.


19th - 20thFebruary

Medipix Meeting at CERN

Interesting talks and discussion.



Geant4 simulation in collaboration with Mid Sweden Uiversity

Working on a simulation framework using Geant4 to simualte the radiation interraction, charge transport and ASIC response of a Hybrid Pixel Detector. The project has been initialized earlier but work intensified duing February. This will most likely be a major topic in my thesis.


16th - 17thJanuary

Neutron measurements in Legnaro, Italy

Another testbeam using GEMPIX this time configured with a converter inside the gas chamber. Interesting results with tracks emerging from the target.


8th - 11thDecember

Neutron measurements in Legnaro, Italy

New month and new test beam. This time in Legnaro where we investigated the response of GEMPIX and Timepix with Boron and PE converters in a Neutron field. Results are preliminary but promising regarding the use of the chip in a mixed field.


8th - 9thNovember

Measurements at the proton theraphy facility in Trento, Italy

Together with Stuart George I went to Trento to performe measurements of the mixed field around a medical cyclotron used for Proton therapy. We used a set of converters on the Timepix chip to investigate the Neutron component of the field. Results will be compared with other detectors in an upcomming publication


27th October - 2ndNovember

IEEE NSS and RTSD, Seould, Korea

I attended the IEEE Nuclear Science Symphosium and the Inteternational Workshop on Room Temeperature Semiconductor held in Seoul Korea. During the conference I made two presentations one on the Workshop on Radiation dosimetry held at the beginning of the conference and the other at RTSD. The first presentation covered the use of Dosepix to measure scetterd ratiation in a CT room and the other presentation was on Medipix3RX looking at energy resolition and threshold equalization using a 2mm CdTe sensor.


1st - 3rdJuly

ECOSOC Inoovation Fair, UN Geneva

Presenting CERN spinn off technology and demonstrating Timepix at the ECOSOC Innovation Fair



TNS Article Accepted

My article from last years measurements at Diamond Light Source is accepted for publication. I will add a link to my profile page as soon as it is published.


22nd - 25thApril

Medical Applications of Spectroscopic X-ray Detectors

I attended the very interesting workshop at CERN concerning the medical applications of spectroscopic X-ray detectors


4th - 10thMay

Timepix Measurement in liquid Nitrogen

Together with researchers at the SMU University in Dallas I measured the noise properties of Timepix when cooling it to 77K. The Measurements shows promising results.


23rd - 27thJune

International workshop on radiation detectors

I attendet the very interesting iWoRID conference in Paris to present our work on high flux response of Medipix3RX


23rd May

CdTe Simulations Workshop at RAL

Simulation tools are important in order to better understand existing detectors and provide input for future designs.


18th-22nd May

Measurements at Diamond Light Source

I joined a group of researchers from Mid Sweden University and Glasgow University to further characterize CdTe sensors bonded to Timepix chips. Previous experiments have been successful and resulted in new understanding and several publications. This time more efforts were concentrated on probing the sub grain boundaries with a micro beam.