Upcoming conferences

Besides the training at the different levels within the network, the ARDENT ESRs have the opportunity to attend international conferences, workshops and meetings to gain knowledge, to build-up a network within the scientific community and to present the work they have performed within the ARDENT ITN project.
This page lists the past and future conferences of interest to ARDENT.

Past conferences

Name Date Place Get
29th June - 2nd July 2016
Riva del Garda, Trento, Italy
11th - 19th July 2016
Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA
11th- 15th July 2016
Barcelona, Spain
29th August - 2nd September 2016
Uppsala University, Sweden
26th - 31st January 2016
Hobart, Tasmania
31th October - 7th November 2015
San Diego, California, USA
21st - 25th September 2015
Thessaloniki, Greece
3rd - 14th August 2015
Bad Honnef, Germany
13th - 17th July 2015
Boston, Massachusetts, USA
28th June - 2nd July 2015
DESY Campus in Hamburg, Germany
14th-20th June 2015
Crete, Greece

31th May - 4th June 2015
The Westin Annapolis Annapolis, MD, USA
18th - 22nd May 2015
National Cancer Institute - Rockville, MD, USA
22nd - 23rd April 2015
Barcelona, Spain

20th-24th April 2015
Bruges, Belgium
20th-24th April 2015
Lisbon, Portugal
9th-20th March 2015
SCKā€¢CEN - Mol - Belgium
28th January - 5th February, 2015
Brazilian Center for Physics Research (CBPF), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
8th- 15th November 2014
Washington, USA
LA3NET4th Topical Workshop: Scientist go Industry. The aim of the event is to give an overview of possible future career steps in industry for young scientists from the laser and acceleration field. The registration deadline is 15.10.2014. LA3NET website: www.la3net.eu
17th-18th November 2014
Berlin, Germany
18th- 19th November 2014
Trento, Italy
20th - 25th October 2014
Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia

11th- 13th September 2014
Athens, Greece
10th- 22th August 2014
Bad Honnef, Germany
20th - 24th July 2014
Austin, Texas, USA
14th - 18th July 2014
Paris, France
30th June - 4th July 2014
Riva del Garda, Italy
23rd - 27th June 2014
Geneva, Switzerland
22nd- 26th June 2014
Trieste, Italy
9th- 13th June 2014
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
2nd- 4th June 2014
Aachen, Germany
27th - 30th May 2014
Nis, Serbia
2nd EURADOS School - Voxel phantom development and implementation for radiation physics calculations
13th - 15th May 2014
Helmholtz Zentrum München, Neuherberg, Germany

NanoIBCT workshop MiND-IBCT
7th - 9th May 2014
Wiener Neustadt, Austria

10th -14th February 2014
Geneva, Switzerland
EURADOS Annual Meeting
10th - 13th February 2014
Budapest, Hungary
28th January  -  5th February 2014
Budapest, Hungary
Les techniques de mesures en radioprotection
19th November  -  20th November 2013
Paris, France
27th October  -  2nd November 2013
Seoul, Korea
20th  -  25th October 2013
Treviso, Italy
10th World Conference on Neutron Radiography (WCNR-10)
5th  -  10th October 2013
Grindewald, Switzerland
22nd  -  27th September 2013
Recife, Brazil
Particle Radiosurgery: A new Frontier in Physics in Medicine
25th - 29th August 2013
Obergurgl, Austria
WE-Heraeus Physics School on "Ionizing Radiation and Protection of Man
11th - 23rd August 2013
Bad Honnef, Germany
iWoRID 2013
23rd - 27th June 2013
Paris, France
BioQuaRT mid-term dissemination workshop of the EMRP Joint Research Project "Biologically Weighted Quantities in Radiotherapy"
The workshop was organized as a satellite event of NEUDOS-12 in Aix-en-Provence, France.
7th June 2013
Aix en Provence, France
3rd  - 7th June 2013
Aix en Provence, France
2nd - 8th June 2013
Essen, Germany
Joint International Workshop on Off-site Gamma Dose Rate and Ground Contamination Measurements
13th -15th May 2013
Freiburg, Germany
2nd Geant4 Australian School and Monte Carlo Workshop
19th  -  24th April 2013
Wollongong, Austrailia
EDIT 2013
12th  -  22nd March 2013
Tsukuba, Japan
7th  -  11th March 2013
Vienna, Austria
4th  -  8th February 2013
Barcelona, Spain
PSI Winter School
12th  -  17th January 2013
Villigen, Switzerland
6th  -  9th December 2012
Wollongong, Australia
RSNA 2012
25th - 30th November 2012
Chicago, Illinois, USA
29th October - 3rd November 2012
Anaheim, California, USA
26th - 29th September 2012
Jena, Germany
2nd - 7th September 2012
Nara, Japan